AT-WAZI-V or  the  'All Terrain Wazi Vehicle'  is an Original Kenner AT-AT Toy from 1981 covered in 24 carat Pure Gold leaf.

This luxurious vintage piece of plastic  also squats in a dog-like fashion while pooping out two versions of the same ....Shit!

These resin cast poops consist of vintage Ewoks.  One painted in obvious brown tones and the other in Pure Gold leaf.

The AT-WAZI-V comes in an old Imperial Army Ammunition wooden box. 

Edition size 01/01 you won't find another one like it!

Originally displayed and offered at Designer-Con 2018 in California via DKE Toys.


Interpreted simply as an expensive 'Poop joke' to some.  Originally created with a slightly different story. 

This piece could also symbolise something more to the reference of globalisation and shitting on the little guy  .....maybe

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