So, I've been making toys now for around 18 months give or take.

From initially finding the #bootlegtoyscene to being apart of it, I have loved every minute.

I have taught myself and googled just about everything possible to get to this point regarding the process.

I have also virtually met and conversed with some really awesome Artists on instagram and through my website.

When I'm squirrelled away in my workshop coming up with ideas and making things, it can seem like I am working in a bit of a vacuum... No face-to-face interaction with like minded peeps!

Don't get me wrong, I prefer my own company most of the time but I think it's time to show my face.

With that being said, I have taken the plunge and will be attending #toyconuk at the Novotel London West Hotel.

This will be my very first time exhibiting anything for myself.

Before now, all of my exposure has been either online or through the wonderful #dketoys based in California.

I will be debuting my line of Ancient Mutant Ninja Masters I've been working on over the last few months at the convention.

It seemed wrong that a Yoda/TMNT figure mash-up didn't exist. So, I decided to make four individual sculpts of my own.

Named after the four Masters that created them, George Lucas, John Williams, Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird, the Ancient Masters were born!

If you are reading this before March 14th 2020 and you are in London it would be awesome if you came and said Hi!

I am also a tad bit nervous for the convention.

I have never been front of house talking to people having to explain my work before. Let's hope I don't make a dogs dinner of the whole thing.

That being said, I am more excited to be honest. The show is guaranteed to be packed full of really talented Artists from all over the World as well as the UK.

If you have exhibited or been apart of any convention please feel free to give me some advice in the comment box below. I'm going to need it!

Thanks for reading!

Until next time.


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I've been utterly captivated by the World of Bootleg toy making for little over a year now and thought it would be a good time to write about it, so here I go!

What am I even doing?

If you are reading this blog post and make small scale runs of any sort of toy with resin you may be able to relate to what I am about to say.

I basically had absolutely no choice but to start making my own appropriated pop culture artefacts after coming across an Artist called "The Sucklord"

The reasons behind this statement will be revealed in a later post.

Let's just say it was an itch I had to scratch. And I'm still scratching!

My ultimate Goal is to push my creative boundaries in ways I didn't know I could, and see where it leads.

I will keep my introduction blog post very short - However, if you've made it this far you may aswell take a look at my website. You might stumble across a guilded 24 carat Gold Original AT-AT walker shitting out Ewoks.....or you may find a frankensteined version of an old action figure you once loved as a kid. Who knows!

I will try and aim to do a little blog post at least once a month so don't forget me.

Be sure to come visit again.

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Thanks for coming,


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