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Bio: Dead Greedy

In 2014, after losing my job and being told by my doctors I could not work again due to Wilsons disease, I found bootleg toys and began making them.

Early on I was obsessed with Sucklord, Manly, Killer Bootlegs and many others.

I studied their styles, subject matter, etc.

I developed my own style. A lot of my works rhyme or are plays on words. I mashup, mix, rhyme and rearrange. I would say my style is a mix of Weird Al and popsculpture.

Most of the pop-culture references are star wars leaning although I do tend to single out certain celebrities.

After releasing a work called Han Taun, Dov from DKE emailed me.

I was so excited. This was the same DKE who distributed Sucklord. He ordered two Haun Tauns. Not long after, I released MR TMNT with DKE at SDCC 2015. I released Big League Chewy at DCON 2016, again with DKE.

My most famous work is Beastie Droids. It was on the television show The Goldbergs season 5 episode 11.

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