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Updated: May 24

I like to think of Kachina! Kachina! as a solitary trading post that one might stumble upon while wandering the desert in a mescaline haze.

A place filled with objects of meaning and wonder where the patterns are more intricate and the colors more saturated.

Kachina! Kachina! is the place where I can focus all of my interests that usually don’t have room to be expressed in my day-to-day professional work.


I officially started making toys and art under the name Kachina! Kachina! early in 2019.

I have only been working with resin for a couple of years, but my foundation in toy design started with kit models when I was about 10 yrs old, and by the time I was 12 I had progressed to kit bashing, detailed painting with brush & airbrush, and building dioramas. During the early years I mainly focused on figures and vehicles from WWII. 

I have been involved in different art forms my entire life. I got a degree in Graphic Design and I primarily focused on designing for big commercial brands since I graduated.

I started to focus on self-driven art about 10 years ago when my work associate suddenly died; it left me with a gnawing existential crisis because I realized that most of the work we did together was ephemera and even I couldn’t remember what most of it was.

Several years passed, but that was the point where I started exploring more self-driven artwork.

Eventually I came across toy making and resin arts and I could see how the skills I had been developing converged in this extremely creative crossroads of art, design, culture and toys. I love to play, and this looked exciting and fun, so I got a pressure tank and degassing chamber and started down the path of making resin toys. Life is short and time is fleeting, so I spend as much time as possible creating artwork with a long shelf life, Plastic is Forever.


At the moment, the focus of my toys is on trippy metaphysical concepts, altered states, robots, aliens, alternate dimensions, and the occasional creepy monster. I try to use metaphor and symbology in my work, and whenever possible incorporate some GID or UV reactive colors. The majority of my toys are original sculpts, but I have a couple of dump-molds I made from old toys like the “Mysterious Space Traveler” that I randomly cast in UV / GID / pigmented colors. 

The first sculpted toy I released was The Seeker - it’s based on an illustration I made years ago and I decided to launch into production with this guy. I hand sculpted the figure and 3D rendered & printed the halo before molding and casting. It's a three piece figure head / body / halo, and the halo is removable.

For my second figure release, I stepped up the complexity with the Time Bender, I made a run of ten hand sculpted Captain Dimitri figures and packaged them in a ‘Vapor Tube' that is like the one Captain Dimitri uses to open time portals. This is a toy based on altered states and exploration of different dimensions. It’s also drastically more complex than my previous figure, having articulation and the painted and double cast heads along with the several accessories that were included. I’ll be using the body as a foundation for future figures. The next release is currently being sculpted.

The Crow Mother Kachina is my most recent toy release, I had collected a lot of crow feathers, and I wanted to do something interesting with them. I’m also digging toys that incorporate some sort of fabric or alternate material texture, so I got to do both with this toy.

Kachina’s are part of the South West Native American mythology, and I'm fascinated by their stories. Crow Mother is a central character, and has an awesome space traveler look, so I made a display sized figure. I had created two little resin Kachina give aways for D-Con 2019 and put them in capsules and handed them out as I was walking around. There was a tiny Crow Mother figure in that set, so if you happened to get one of those capsules you have an early prototype of this figure.

I have plans to continue to sculpt characters in the Time Bender line as well as create more resin toys exploring psychedelic themes. I’m also excited to paint more Sofubi and as my sculpting skills grow, I plan to eventually design sofubi toys as well as resin toys. I’m going to take my time with designing the sofubi though, so that whatever I produce ends up being quality work that collectors will want to have.

UNLIMITED CREATIVITY I’m extremely inspired by all of the talented people in the toy community, and their unlimited creativity. I'm endlessly amazed and grateful for the people who have generously shared their knowledge with me. There are so many genuinely awesome collectors as well as creators--it blows my mind what a great group of people have found their way to the toy world.

I also love to see people who collect the same toys as I do, and then see the types of toys they make, it’s boundlessly inspiring. Both resin and sofubi toy designers have been extremely willing to share their knowledge with me and when possible I’m happy to assist anyone I can. I have an ‘open source’ approach to learning and believe that the more knowledge we share between us the more we will inspire each other to design amazing toys.

I’d especially like to thank everyone who has purchased one of my toys or paintings or encouraged me with kind words, your support is meaningful to me and I appreciate it more than I can express!

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