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Bio: Mr.Cooke Customz

My workbench is pretty much a window-sill in the kitchen

A couple of years ago I bought a ‘no peace’ figure from Spencer Pollard - Dogman toys/Trash Talk - after a gig.

A little inverted peace sign on legs, he made a cardback out of a Coke Zero box that was lying around & blistered it in front of me. I was inspired!

I’ve always been into toys & creating art.

When I was a kid I’d draw characters from comics or cartoons then cut them out & stick them to cardboard & make mini standee figures to play with. 

So I made a couple of my own customs & Dead Greedy liked & gave me a shout out on his Instagram.  People actually started liking & offering to buy my shit

This boosted my confidence so much! Then I started receiving support from all these other great artists that are honestly all on another level & who I greatly admire.

I know I’ll never be as good as these talented folk so I just stay in my own lane and do what I can muster. I’m inspired by mostly stuff I’m into - video games, comics, metal, hip hop, horror all that good stuff.

I’m very slap dash in my approach & far from a perfectionist. I just work at it till it resembles something I’d be happy to own myself. I’m also super lazy. I want to create a figure as hassle free as possible but still have it look half decent which is why I love customs so much as they don’t have to look perfect at all. 

I want to experiment with resin, I have a ton of ideas I just don’t have the time or space at the moment.

My workbench is pretty much a windowsill in the kitchen that the kids can’t quite reach YET & I  design my cardback art via a phone app. It’s all pretty half arsed. I really need to step up my art game. I’m pretty much winging it as an ‘artist’ but hey, Dave Grohl & Post Malone both now own one of my figures so they’ve got to be half decent right?

Cheers Wazi for letting me share a little about myself & big up the toy creating massive!


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