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Bio: Plastik Cheez

I sculpted a cheese grater head and needed a few casts of Darth Vader’s body.

I’ve worked in a lot of print shops, as a digital media artist, background actor and in the cosmetics industry. Now I’m a full time Dad and thought it’d be cool to make a toy with my 2 year old. 

So we made “The Plastik Cheez Avenger” based on a web cartoon I did in ’07.

It was a good starting point because he’s flat and I could only make 1-part molds.

I finished about 5 of those and wanted to make the super-villain “Darth Grater” next. 

I sculpted a cheese grater head and needed a few casts of Darth Vader’s body. Went online to figure out how to make a 2-part mold and that’s when I found out that bootleg action figures existed.

I should have stopped there, but ended up with a yellow/orange Vader cast somehow. I put together a card back by layering parody text over a pic of an old Kraft Dinner box. That got some pretty good feedback and inspired me to keep going.

It’s only been a few months now and I’m trying to put up a new figure every week or so. My goal is continue this forever, but it’s coming to the point where my wife is forcing me to choose between the bootlegs or her…

Anyway, I’m super appreciative for the inspiration I’ve received from the community and want to give back any way I can.

- Plastik Cheez

you can check out my store here

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