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Bio: The Edge Fett

It all started when I stumbled upon Hasnotalent.

When I found him I didn't know bootleg toys were a thing. I just saw all of the different color Boba Fett figures and thought they were awesome. I was eventually able to snag one of his pieces, which was a feat to do. When I received it I just kept looking at every detail of the figure, the packaging, and the overall look of it. When I noticed that it was hand made it set something off inside me.

Before that moment I didn't even know that people made there own toys. That moment sent me down a rabbit hole of finding the wonderful community of bootleg toy makers.

Ideas were growing in my head but I didn't know where to start or even how.

I reached out to Retrogimmick asking how to start making toys. He was able to tell me how to get started and hasn't been hesitant to help me along the way.

I knew that this was something I was going to love doing. It combines my love for star wars, toys, and creating. It gives me a creative outlet that not many people do.

My first figure I have made is Boba Fett. He is my favorite character in star wars and was the figure that inspired me to get into this.

Its been quite the learning process but is so satisfying when you get things right.

I'm still learning everyday and I'm constantly dreaming up ideas that I want to do. I'm still trying to find my style that truly fit me. So until I truly find my style enjoy all the fun I'm having making these figures

- The Edge Fett

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