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Updated: May 14

I think I found the bootleg toy community slightly different from most.

On Halloween 2019 I completely tore my ACL and was unable to really walk til surgery.

I was stuck at home and bored as F!

I’ve always been into drawing cartoons and painting, so scrolling through instagram looking at random artist and painters I stumbled across bootleg figures. The creativity and great figures everyone was posting got me instantly hooked. I loved the idea of making action figures based off peoples favourite movie characters,

TV personality or even just friends.

So I started looking up as many toy makers and bootleg figures I could.

After a few days I decided I had to try and make my own.

My first figure was 22 jump street Greg Jenko. I made the card back on some free photo editing app on my phone and reused some dollar store blister, but I loved it.

Since then I’ve met so many creative and great people in the toy making community who have taught me a lot, needless to say I’m still learning tons from these people everyday.

Now that I’m able to walk I really enjoy toy hunting at my local comic book store and flea markets.

It’s extremely rewarding and exciting  when you find the right figures and see your ideas coming together. I’m no graphic designer by any stretch but I really like making card-backs in photoshop.

A great card-back or header card really pulls it all together to me.

I’ve recently got into making my own molds and casting figures too which is another great and rewarding part of bootlegging  action figures which I’m learning a lot about.

I want to thank Wazi Toys for giving me the opportunity to tell you all a little bit about myself and how I got into toy making.

I would also like to thank all the other toy makers who keep me motivated and inspired with all their amazing work and kind words, this is great hobby and community of creative people.

I’m looking forward for the future of HoodwinkedToys and seeing what everyone comes out with.

You can find me on instagram here ----->

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