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Bio: Jumbo Nuggatron

Updated: May 14

Street art and hip-hop is where I first learn't just how powerful an art movement can be.

In the beginning I love many art mediums but became infatuated with visual art in specific three dimensional and sculptural pieces.

Around about eight years ago I began trying new things and finding new materials and new techniques with creating. 

Being a massive toy collector I began to fuse subject matters that I love . Things went pretty slow at the beginning. I liked the pieces I made so much I put a price on them so high that I knew I would get stuck with them and I did ha ha.

Things started to get a bit more serious as I started focusing my energy more and devoting a substantial amount of time. I began to have the capacity to be able to offer pieces that I thought collectors might want to buy.

The first idea I did was a character called Gut Bomb and would be the project that would spark everything and steer me in the direction that has led me to where I am at today. 

I made 12 Gut Bombs and sold all 12 in a matter of a few days. The excitement I saw others get from it was a side I had never experienced.

I fancy how creating makes me feel, I mean just think of the freedom that is in the fact that if you can imagine something and you can create it.

That being at the core of why I am so gracious, to be striving to keep creating, and truly see that the potential is limitless.

I am an  Appreciator of many artists and seeing them achieve great success and being at the top of their game is also highly influential to my vision in becoming a creator.

Banksy, Ron English, Kaws, Buff Monster and Shepard fairy use their voice in a way where they don’t have to say anything . They have shown me the unspoken Language that speaks louder than words.

Street art and hip-hop is where I first learn't of just how powerful an art movement can be with all the different facets and sub genres in it.

Do you know when you get that feeling when you hear a certain piece of music or see you certain painting that hits you and you just know there’s more to it than meets the eye.  Although I’ve tried many different mediums and platforms, graffiti and street art being the first real thing I tried, there is a feeling of excitement and adventure that comes with finding and getting your piece up on the perfect wall.

 If there would be anything that one can take away from reading this it would be that I want people to know that there is a belongingness in this and everything in creation is interconnected and that you are masters of your destinations.

You can find my instagram here -----> https://www.instagram.com/jumbo_nuggatron/?hl=en

and my eBay store here -----> https://www.ebay.com/usr/king_gumball_machine?_trksid=p2047675.l2559

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