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Bio: Marquee Marauders Club

I created the Marquee Marauders Club* because I love to attend concerts.

My figure making started in April of 2019. 

It began as a small blog to collect my thoughts on shows that I attended along with pictures I took. As it began to garner views, I slowly ventured into gaining press access to shows so that I could take professional photos at concerts. Soon after that, I started expanding more with merchandise including bootleg action figures and toys.

Most of my bootlegs revolve around music, from singers to album covers and more. This has gained the attention of Brockhampton, FKA Twigs, record labels, and Stereogum Magazine.

I get such a rush from creating something and sharing the finished product with my following. 

My process is like everyone else's I suppose. I make my figures out of spare parts of existing figures, clay, resin, and 3D printing which I am still experimenting with. It is always fun to try new methods of creating so you can begin to get more and more detail.

The thing I try to remember when creating is that sharing is the best advice. I have met a few bootleggers who do not care to share their methods or get upset that someone else is stealing their idea or something, but it is hard to say "stealing" when the artist being made into a figure is globally famous. This is an art form and should be shared with everyone and bootleggers should help fellow bootleggers.

As for the future, I am trying to expand the MMC* more with interviews of bands and actors, as well as making my own merch and figures based on original characters of mine. I am also hoping to make limited runs of figure collaborations with bands and artists with some of the proceeds to help benefit people struggling during this pandemic.

Thanks for listening!

instagram - @marqueemaraudersclub

website - https://maraudersonly.squarespace.com

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