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Updated: May 14

I am first and foremost a graphic designer and illustrator

My first contact with the World of bootleg toys was a youtube video I saw like 10 years ago or something. It was a feature of the #Sucklord where he explained why he made toys and how he made toys.

I have never been a "toy person" - I never collected toys and I've never been specially interested in toys. Sure, I like playing with Lego and I had a lot of toys as a kid, but it has never been more than that. However, when I saw that video with the Sucklord I was like "This is the raddest shit I have ever seen"

It was the perfect blend of funny, smart and cool. So after that I started following him and slowly discovered the weird and wonderful community of bootleg #toymakers

I am first and foremost a graphic designer & illustrator and have been doing that for the past 15 years.

However, I've always wanted to do something physical, something you can hold in your hand.

So like one and a half years ago I thought to myself "why not try this toy making business?"

I already followed a lot of the big names like Sucklord, Super Secret Fun Club, Dano Brown,

Death By Toys and of course DKE Toys (to name a few, there is a lot more), so I had all the inspiration I needed. Then I just went for it!

As I mentioned above I am not a "toy person" so I didn’t know what dimensions the backing card should have or anything like that.

I started with buying some plastic blisters from Jaiban Toys (also an amazing toy maker) and made a template for a backing card in Photoshop based on that.

I just eyeballed it until I thought it looked right. Then I sourced some thin cardboard from my local hobby shop and bought some nice photo-paper to print on (I didn’t even have a printer in the beginning, I used to print at my friends house). - Then I was off to the races!

I dabbled in resin casting in the beginning but it wasn’t for me

The first "proper" piece I finished was a piece called Church Burner.

It was just a picture of a burning church with some charcoal in a blister, and let me tell you, it looks like shit! I tried to cut round corners by hand which is always a mistake. I used the wrong glue and I even tried to cut the hang hole by hand - but holy fuck I love that piece.

It is still one of my personal favourites, and I learnt so much from making it.

Since that first piece I have released a new piece every Sunday for more than a year now and I think the quality of the pieces are getting better every week. I have learnt by doing and by doing it a lot! 

I try to make "toys" out of the most basic objects I can think of. The more plain and simple it is the more fun it is, at least to me.

The toothpicks from Rain Man, the actual line from I Walk The Line by Johnny Cash,

or the air that Cameron Poe breathes-in just as he exits the prison bus in Con Air, are just some examples.

They are so bad that they are good. It has become a fun game for me nowadays when I watch movies or a tv series to always look for the most basic and pointless reference within the story.

The best thing about this weird little community of toy makers, besides the fact that you get to make your own fucking toys, is all the amazing and funny creations you get to see other people make! There is some truly genius people at work here, and even if you are not interested in making your own toys you should really check it out! 

You can find me on instagram: --------> https://www.instagram.com/royalcoffintoys/

You can buy my stuff on Etsy: ------> www.etsy.com/shop/royalcoffintoys

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