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Bio: Seth Relentless

I’m an 80’s kid and grew up in the golden age of toys and cartoons.

I have been an artist my whole life and started drawing very young and never stopped.

Can’t stop, won’t stop.

I’m an 80’s kid and grew up in the golden age of toys and cartoons. I’ve been collecting toys, comics, and records ever since.

I also love horror and sci-fi movies but in high school I discovered punk rock music and the punk scene which truly opened me up to a lot of things. I discovered it was possible to make anything that I liked without permission or approval from others. I played in a band and made music.

I started making shirts, stickers, and comics.

My love of art and drawing ultimately lead me to pursue art in college. I went to a small state school in northwestern Pennsylvania, Edinboro University. After college I secured a great job as an illustrator for a screen printing company in Pittsburgh. Over the past 19 years I’ve worked as a designer and illustrator for different companies focused mainly on t-shirt and apparel design. 

More recently I decided to focus on my own art and in 2017, I rented my first actual studio space in Austin and created Relentless Assault Studios. It was there that I started working on illustration and toy making. Pulling from my influences like punk rock, sci-fi and Saturday morning cartoons, I endeavored to make art that reflected my point of view.

With eleven releases so far, each piece has evolved from the previous one. I have two ongoing series, “Punk Wars” and “Defenders of Injustice”. 

 “Punk Wars” is a series celebrating my biggest influences. Featuring characters that emulate Punk Rock Icons, it’s a storyline that takes place a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. The series is my impression of the idea “punk rock meets classic sci-fi”

Using classic characters derived from vintage youth advertising, “Defenders of Injustice” explores the idea of a child's nightmare and the unforeseen reality behind the products and companies that the characters represent. Sometimes innocence can be a front for more deceptive ideas, even if those ideas aren’t the original intent or immediately known.

I really want my art to influence and inspire other people to make their ideas come to life. If you focus and keep at it you will be amazed at the progress you can make. I really appreciate all the support I have been given by everyone including fans, artists, and galleries.

Hopefully I can do my part to give back and support this community of artists. 

- Seth Relentless

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