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Updated: May 14

One night while under the influence of Carlos Castaneda-type substances

In 2015 I was living in southern Ecuador with friends on the side of a mountain just down from a cloud forest. It was planet Earth in a raw form. The insect life was incredibly rich, but mainly the moth, butterfly, and grasshopper species ruled.

One night while under the influence of Carlos Castaneda-type substances I met a supernatural being; he stood on two legs, taller than me, blacker than night, wearing a furry cloak, almost militant. This mysterious creature was a giant Moth, something like an alien - something like a Guardian, I gathered he was here on Earth to fight off invader species and energies. He was one of the good guys.

The next morning was the first time in my life I had ever thought to make an #actionfigure, and you guessed it, of the Moth.

I didn't know the first thing about making toys so the thought just lived in the back of my mind.

Now it's 2020 and I still haven't made the Moth, but it was last year that the feeling and urge to learn got so strong that I couldn't ignore it. So in researching I came across the world of bootleg and designer toys. What a rich and incredible world it is! I took a deep dive and plunged right in.

Now as a novice toymaker I can tell you that most of what I am doing is learning.

Slug Toys is my outlet for creative freedom. My learning involves the basics: tools, techniques, materials... and it's trial by fire, make-make-make fail-fail-fail, repeat.

Honestly I don't want to be doing anything BUT work on toys, and working on toys is like this: brainstorming, prototyping, graphic design, product design, sculpting, mold-making, painting, photography, marketing, relationship-building, etc.

There is so much I want to make as a toymaker, and I'm working through a lot of ideas to get to the juicy stuff. Toymaking for me is like trying to catch a vision, I'm working as fast as I can to bring this to life. This "race to create" is something altogether new to me. The toys I've made thus far are cast #resin figures, which work great for home manufacturing and small runs, but I have dreams of more.

Ultimately I want to be recycling consumer plastic (an abundantly available and free material) at home using a plastic shredder and injection molding machine to create pro-quality action figures.

I haven't stepped into that process yet because of the capital investment, but it's what I'm working towards.

Other toy manufacturing processes like Sofubi (Japanese vinyl) and 3D printing/3D sculpting are bucket list items but for now those can wait.  

There is so much more to write about and share but I want to thank wazitoys for opening this space and sircollectalot for the collaborative friendship and so many other great artists and collectors in the toy community for being open and welcoming. That's it from the Slug. 

Mapaco aka Slug Toys is an artist living and working in Colorado, USA.

Follow him @Slugtoys on instagram and visit his website at www.slugtoys.com

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