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The Holy Grail, the White Whale

Updated: Apr 26

Finally, after years of hopelessly pining for an action figure I could never own, it seems the next best thing is here.

If you were a snotty nosed kid in the 90's I'm assuming you've heard of The Simpsons. Yea, great!

Well, if like me, most of my toys being hand-me-downs it took forever for me to own even one of the Mattel Simpsons actions figures.

Much to my anguish a few of the kids on my street owned a Bart with the red skateboard. I think I somehow managed to start off with a Marge and her signature tray of cookies...Yay!

It seemed like months if not years after the original toy release in 1990 before I was able to get my hands on a pretty crappy second hand version of Bart, without the skateboard of course.

The original series of Simpsons action figures by all accounts didn't sell that well, and as a result the planned second wave of figs never happened.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing

For the very lucky few and to my knowledge only in the US, there was a mail-away offer.

If you had bought three Simpsons figures and sent the proof of purchase along with the official mail-in-form you would receive a very special...exclusive 'Save Blinky Bart figure'

Now as far a I can see barely anyone mailed in for this offer and as it stands to my knowledge in 2020 only three of these figures are in circulation today making this 90's action figure almost completely unattainable.

A true Holy Grail piece in anyones collection.

All is not lost

Now, through shear determination to own a toy like the Save Blinky Bart figure I ended up, you guessed it, making my own.

Though not entirely the same, I wanted to pay homage rather than replicating the figure in full.

The Wazi Toys version of Bart is on a card-back and blister bubble. On the reverse gives a whiff of its fleeting history with the official mail-in-form.

Buy here -------> https://www.wazitoys.com/product-page/i-saved-blinky

It also comes in an edition size of 20 pieces so you may just have a sporting chance of owning one!

If you have any other information regarding the illusive #SaveBlinkyBartSimpson figure please feel free to correct me in the comments below. I would be really interested in any nuggets of information on this truly rare piece of 90's toy history.

Thanks for reading.

Take it easy,


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